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250                                    FLOBA   INDICA.
Cathartorarpusi.         1 >!' ^pyros.                 Gynocardia.
Cassia.                       Bignonia.                   Trewia.
Conocarpus.               Calosanthes.              Quercus.
Lagerstrcemia.           Spathodea.                 Castanea.
Jambosa.                   Tetranthera.              Antidesma.
Careya.                      Croton.                      Ficus.
JSTauclea.                    Eottlera.                    Artoearpus.
Martaban was visited in 1827 by Wallich, and more re-
cently by Falconer. Mergui and Maulmain have been ex-
plored by Griffith, whose extensive collections have been
distributed; and by Mr. Lobb, who has communicated some
interesting plants to the Hookeriprj Herbarium.
The Malayan peninsula extends from the southern extre-
mity of Tenasscrim, almost to the equator, the island of Sin-
gapur being in 1^° N. lat. Its width varies from 150 to 100
miles, and near the southern extremity it contracts to about
fifty miles. * low range of hills traverses the whole length
of the peninsula, rising occasionally into isolated r^aks, of
which the highest, Mount Opliir, near Malacca, attains 4320
feet*, but they are usually very much lower. Theuisland of
Penang is 2922 feet high.
On either side of the central axis, low ranges of hills de-
scend towards the sea, so as to give an undulating outline to
the surface. These are separated by swampy flats of consi-
derable length, which are yarrow and often under water, but
there arc no plains of any extent. The coast is occasionally
rocky or skirted by coral reefs, at other places low and muddy.
The direction of the rivers is generally at right angles to the
axis. Their banks are for the most part muddy and low, and
* This height is taken from a paper by Logaii, in the * Journal of the Ma
layaa Archipelago' (ii. 137). According to the sam<* authority, 3£odah peak is
3897 feet liigta Mr. Logau »nforms us tlwt tbtf I'lrruticos given by I", wbold
for thcso peak* (5693 ainl 5705 fuel) arc nitre £,IIIMK!*.